Tiananmen Square

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It was on June 5, 1989 when an unknown man (also known as Tank Man) stepped in front of a Chinese row of military tanks under the eyes of thousands of people. He looked so tiny compared to the tank he forced to stop.

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I’m sure he couldn’t have known by then that this gesture would later become the most famous moment of Tiananmen Square Massacre and it would propagate to the rest of world as a symbol of the one man who rose the voice for defiance and insubordination.

This moment along with many others made Tiananmen Square of particular interest, therefore our first destination in Beijing.
The square is pretty and big, packed with people which made our movements a bit difficult. The buildings that surround the square are in 1950′s Soviet style which makes the entire square look austere.

Even though it’s a public space, Tiananmen Square belongs more to the Government than to its people: it’s surveilled by a closed-circuit cameras, plain-clothes police men ready to jump to whomever dares to scream “Free Tibet!” as we originally planned to do.
My friend J though it might fun if Riccio went to the middle of the square to scream out loud “Free Tibet!” and live some real life experience. I thought that would be very fun too but the hidden police men would take Riccio straight away within only seconds, it was too risky! :O As I was thinking out-loud, I also said at some point in my sentence “Free Tibet!” quite loud too. I freaked out… Not only I subversively cracked internet a couple of days before and now I scream Free Tibet too! I already could see myself beyond bars while J and Riccio would continue to enjoy the rest of China without me… !

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Cameras surveilling each corner of the square. Also the fact that you can access Tiananmen only from very limited spots and filled with security controls, makes Tiananmen very isolated from the rest of Beijing. Definitely worth visiting.

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