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My Day in Court

Yesterday the district attorney for Alameda county made a decision to drop all charges against me.  After attending dozens of court dates since being violently abducted on 4 January 2012, and again on Mayday several months later by Oakland Police officers dressed in Storm Trooper costumes, my day in court was denied.

In a bizarre, but what appears to be routine display of abject dishonesty, she rambled to the judge for seven minutes about how this was an Occupy Oakland case, and the fact that I had been apprehended along with eleven others, most of whom had agreed to a plea deal (all highly prejudicial commentary had there been a trial ensuing).  She banked her dismissal of charges in her assessment that I (at least a decade her senior) had been a good little girl all year, which begs the question : why, after having zero contact with police for a year (since her violent abduction after the raid of the Occupy Oakland encampment at Oscar Grant Plaza on 25 October 2011), did the district attorney choose to file charges against my daughter three days before the year was up?

The district attorney failed, as only a government  paid liar can do, to admit to the court the true reason she was dismissing these charges.  Not only did the state have no evidence against me, but they had zero evidence that a crime had even been committed in the zone where I was abducted on each of those days.

Once again, a citizen is denied her day in court.

While giving thanks to beautiful people who happen to be criminal attorneys, such as my attorney John Viola and other National Lawyers Guild folks for their dedicated service in the efforts to keep good people out of cages, many of us are now in search of civil attorneys to help file valid claims against the government for the ongoing abuses and violations of our human and civil rights.  Please pass the word : civil attorney needed.

Only by filing rights violation claims against the police, the district attorney office, the city, county, state, and federal governments will we ever be able to force the officers involved in these illegal abductions to tell the truth or risk charges of perjury.  Even then, the City of Oakland and other governments will likely gladly waste more tax dollars paying out settlements before forcing publicly funded police officers to tell the truth about these unconstitutional acts by police.  At least we’d have our tax money back in our own hands.