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Vallejo Police Officer who Murdered Mario Romero Identified

photo of dustin joseph at his gym : solano crossfit . found by demotropolis


Vallejo Police Officer who Murdered Mario Romero has been Identified by Vallejo Copwatch

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vallejo Police Officer who murdered Mario Romero has been identified

2012-09-30 “OFFICER INVOLVED IN RECENT POLICE FATALITYIDENTIFIED” press release from “Justice for Mario Romero and JosephJohnson Movement”:Vallejo, CA –

Officer involved in Romero death had a long history of unlawful and abusive behavior.

On September 2, 2012, Mario Romero was approached and gunned down while

sitting in his parked car in front of his home by a Vallejo Police Officer, identified by multiple witnesses as Officer Dustin B. Joseph (age 32).  Public and Court Records indicate a series of multiple complaints that detail a history of unlawful abusive and questionable, to say the least, behavior of Officer Dustin Joseph.  Reports detail claims that Vallejo Officer Dustin Joseph and another officer, physically assaulted Anthony Trapps in Kaiser Hospital Vallejo. Trapps said he was angry that his son had been Tased multiple times during an alleged break up of a fight at Vallejo High School. Mr. Trapps felt Officer Joseph used excessive force with a disregard for the life of his minor son, in light of a recent Taser Related Death involving Vallejo Police Department.  Trapps admitted to cursing at the officer out of frustration when Officer Joseph refused him access to his son, preventing Mr. Trapps ability to ensure the wellbeing of his hospitalized son.  Trapps had no idea what would follow … when he turned around to exit the hospital, Trapps was attacked from behind, beaten, and then arrested.

Another report states Officer Dustin Joseph deployed his pepper spray recklessly on a group of students, as well as other adults with their small children, while eating at a Jack in the Box restaurant. Officer Dustin Joseph unloaded the entire contents of his canister, an action most people believe is reserved for extreme  situations. The report describes the Restaurant having to be evacuated.  Vallejo Fire Department 911 Emergency Services were summoned for immediate use of their industrial blowers to restore safety and financial productivity .

In another report, Officer Dustin Joseph is accused of an unlawful search and arrest of a Female Minor, where a subsequent or secondary search interestingly produced 13 Ecstasy Pills. Officer Dustin Joseph claimed the minor “told” him she planned to sell the drugs.  In another similar report, a complaint of inappropriate physical contact filed at Vallejo High School on behalf of a female minor attending Vallejo High school in the 2008-2009 school year claims Officer Dustin Joseph (a male Officer) performed a physical body search on the female minor. The minor stated she asked Officer Joseph not to touch her. The minor said that the Officer immediately grabbed her arm twisted the arm turning her around placed her in handcuffs that cut into her skin, then moved his hands all over her body smiling and laughing. He then placed her in his patrol car. The minor was not charged with any crime, she dropped out of High School fearful of Officer Dustin Joseph.  She stated “He is a Bully and uses his big Size and job to violate us”.

The Murder of Mario Romero, a man sitting in his car in front of his home, unknown to the officers at the time of the shooting, suspected of nothing except being an American exercising his right to just exist, minding his own business, murdered by this non-upstanding Police Officer “on Steroids”… the once 300 pound menace lost a hundred pounds and decided to practice his new agility by spraying Mario full of bullets! Then, like a homicidal Rambo, he jumped on the hood of the car and emptied the next clip like the first into Mario Romero’s windshield at close range. Officer Dustin Joseph could not see him, the officer never used the loudspeaker nor did he identify himself. He ran up to the vehicle like a common thug,

Murder under Color of the Law.

Officer Joseph did not want the neighborhood to witness his ongoing premeditated abuse of power. His name was not released early for good reason … He has a lot to hide!

Murder, Excessive Force, brandishing firearms on people is not a new behavior for this officer, “He was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode”.

# # # #

We ask that anyone who has had an encounter with this monster to to please leave details in comment area. Thank you.



Thats the same ass hole that slammed a girl on her neck 2009 at bethal

what are they waiting for they clearly have proof action must be tookn

into consideration this is straight bull shit… they sure did shit when

that officer capoot was gun down this has everything to do with race!


i used to get harassed daily by him at vallejo high. we called him

officer d joseph. i believe he was the one that tasered this girl when i

went there n 2007. she started havin seizures and had to go to the

hospital. it was horrible. that man loved pickin on people that wasnt

white or if u looked like u was affiliated. he tried to say i was a gang

member for wearing red. but guess what. it was Friday which was spirit

day. vhs colors. red. i got kicked out of school on the last day. i

wasnt able to go to my graduation cuz it said i was a danger to the

school and myself. omg. my mom was so mad. and they had to let me come

back. i had to do a half semester cuz i failed my last two finals for

not bein there. thank u officer fuck head. he tased hella people. i

wanna say atleaat three cuz kids kept going to the hospital. thats what

really opened my eyes to how vpd brutalizes people. he had a partner too

his name officer huff. two big white assholes.


Yes, D.K. this is true. I was passing through VALLEJO high when this

took place. My god son who now R.I.P Kevin Morgan was also taken from

school while attending Bethel in 2003- ? And taken to Richmond by

officer huff n his police car. For what aparent reason it is still

unclear to me.

B.B.: I went through the same thing the

young lady did at Vallejo high he used alot/too much force wen arresting

me caused me to bleed cause the cuffs were too tight, tried to brake my

arm wen putting it behind my back, searched me knowing a female officer

was suppose to made me sit in the car wit a big ass puff coat on

windows rolled up w the heater on & the list could go on . Everybody

has a damn story bout this man.. I was arrested by both D joseph &


L.H.: man i know that dirty ass cop cus i went to

da high he dipped the fuck outtda me put his knee all up n a bitch neck

fuk him i hope they see what type of dirty ass cop he realy is so he can

b stripped of his rights as a cop n thrown n jail forever!


Im not sure if this is the same officer but about a year ago me and two

african american men were at the park on fair grounds minding our

business which is legal & two vallejo police men drove threw the

grass coming from fairgrounds dr going toward whitney the side of the

park we were on they got out drew there guns & demanded all three of

us to get face down on the ground mind u im 17 at the time the only

female & we are all guilty of no crime … they run our names &

pat us down while face down in the dirt If im remembering correctly male

officers are not to touch females so I remind them that I am a minor

one of the officers kneels down & whispers to me “i dont give a fuck

what you are” they handcuff one of the young men I was with but made no

arrest after they realized they had nithing they let us go about our

business …. This is harrasment & I agree that something needs to

be done about the VPD they should not be getting away with this bullshit

any longer

L.M.: I wasn’t assaulted by d Joseph N

officer huff while i attended Jesse bethel high school, I was harassed

an treated daily an one day iwas caught by these same officers off

campus and was beaten an arrested on false charges that where later

droped. I remember Joseph laughing an sayin I told yu I’d catch yu

My name I wish to withhold…

I am the uncle of the person whose Facebook this belongs to [www.facebook.com/JusticeForMarioRomero].

I lived in Vallejo but moved out because of police encounters…I too

encountered officer D. Joseph…me and the mother of my child in south

Vallejo at the motel 6 where I was brutally beaten and my pocket knife I

held in my right front pocket was pulled from my pocket and placed to

my throat by officer Joseph with him threatening to cut my throat and

using racial slurs…he and his partner whose name I can’t remember

pulled my dreadlocks and continued to kick me repeatedly in my face

because I was not wanted on the property of motel 6 by the owner…I

didn’t have a stay away…nor did I possess any drugs or weapons except

for a four inch pocket knife…he told me not to show my face in south

Vallejo any more…I obeyed…I attempted to make a police report only

to have my report discarded…I never persisted after that…I just left


A.L.: D. Joseph had a Long history of

threatning My brothers life(rest in peace) hed told him repeatedly ” im

going to get you. Ur Granny wont always be able to save you”. Hes partly

responsible for my brothers reputation being tarnished & him being


S.W.: Well shit since ur talking about it dont

forget the 6 yr old child that was having a temper tantrum over crayons

that he snatched out of the moms car put him in the back of his patrol

car against his mothers will only for this child to have a panic attack,

then placed him on a 51/50 hold take him to the hospital have the

doctor give him a tranquilizer and ship him off to St. Helena mental at

6yrs old. Vallejo filed bankruptcy after the family filed a lawsuit. Oh

and dont forget the civil rights violation lawsuit filed on 2/29/12,

this lunatic is out of control

from Vallejo Copwatch