Onpublico is a citizen journalism website and iPhone app that let’s ordinary people report the news. Reporting is done visually, with citizens taking and uploading photos/videos they shot using their phones. All news is mapped and shown by location, meaning you’ll see the news reported nearest you first.

The idea behind Onpublico is to quickly and easily turn witnesses into reporters. There are no restrictions to what you can report and editors will not remove posts/tell you what to post in order to drive traffic.

The news media is becoming increasingly more biased, taking sides based on politics and corporate funding. Onpublico is open and unbiased. It’s a place where citizens make and define news. If you’re ready to take back the news join us today and go from witness to reporter.

Download the iPhone App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onpublico-you-break-the-news/id901831017

Check us out our website: www.onpublico.com

Twitter: @onpublico

Facebook: Onpublico

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